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Systematic Withdrawal Plan Calculator

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SWP is a Systematic Withdrawal Plan. This mutual fund investment scheme provides investors with regular income. In SWP Calculator a fixed or variable amount can be withdrawn on a pre-decided date. The withdrawals can be done monthly, quarterly, or yearly.  With the help of a Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWP), you will be able to get a fixed regular income after your retirement. 

SWP Calculator - Systematic Withdrawal Plan Calculator

What is the SWP Calculator

The SWP Calculator is software that reflects the monthly withdrawals of mutual fund investments. You can get the details of the total balance of mutual fund investment post withdrawal. It consists of a formula box. In the formula box, you have to mention the total investment, expected withdrawal per month, and tenure of the investment. Once these data are put in the formula box the calculator will display the future value of mutual fund investments. 

How to use the SWP Calculator?

The SWP Calculator helps you to assess your mutual fund investment over a while. Here are the steps to be followed:

  • Fill in the total investment amount you wish to put in mutual funds.
  • The next step is to enter the anticipated withdrawal amount from the mutual fund scheme. 
  • Enter the expected rate of return.
  • Enter the period of investment in terms of years. 

Once the above data is entered in the SWP Calculator it will display the entire investment details, withdrawal amount, interest amount, and the final value of the investment. 

Advantages of using the SWP Calculator

The Systematic Withdrawal Plan is mostly preferred by individuals who look forward to a fixed financial income.  The SWP is the right choice for fixed income. Here are some of the advantages of using the SWP Calculator:

  • The Systematic Withdrawal Plan will provide monthly, quarterly, or yearly income. It provides a return on investment on the total investment. The calculator will easily calculate the details of income. 
  • You can set the amount you wish to withdraw as per your requirement. Thus calculate the amount on maturity. 
  • The calculator is easily accessible online. 
  • The calculator is very easy to use, the user can put the variables as per your requirement and get the details within no time. 
  • Further, there is no TDS deducted for residential investors. 
  • With the Systematic Withdrawal Plan, the investor will get a capital appreciation. 
  • Additional investment funds can be added in SWP as per the flexibility of the user. 


The SWP Calculator is the best option for individuals and senior citizens who wish to have a steady income. The investment done in the Systematic Withdrawal Plan is bound to give an excellent return