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Maximizing Returns: A Comprehensive Guide to SIP LumpSum Calculator

What is the SIP calculator? 

The SIP calculator is a crucial online financial tool to calculate the returns you would invest after investing in SIP mutual funds. The user can know how much they can invest to earn a hefty amount of money after a certain period. Using this calculator, you can quickly calculate the amount you invest and make at the end of a certain period without manual calculations. The tool is online and allows you to do the calculations anytime you want. 

How can a sip return calculator help you? 

The SIP calculator is simple to use. Even a novice investor or someone new to the finance world can understand how to use this calculator. You can choose how often you would want to invest in SIP. SIP returns can be calculated based on the frequency you invest in it, be it monthly or quarterly, etc. 

Enter the amount you want to invest every month or quarter and how much you can expect at the end of your investment period. Based on the details you have provided, it will show the corpus amount you would get. It is a tool that can help you check how much amount you have to invest to earn the corpus amount you want. It is good to compare the SIP investments offered by different companies and choose the ideal one. 

The calculator shows how much you can earn, but it may not be accurate, yet it gives you some insights into how much you invest and earn at the end of the tenure. Having this idea allows you to make wise decisions while investing in SIP. You can also get an idea of how much to invest to get the amount you want to earn. 

How does the SIP calculator work?

The SIP calculator is designed to work with the help of a pre-programmed algorithm. The interface you see is simple, but there is a logic behind its calculation. You have to provide some basic details of how often you want to invest and the amount; the calculator will provide you with the amount you earn based on your chosen investment plan.

The fundamental details you must input in the calculator to do the calculations include the SIP amount, the frequency at which you deposit the amount, how much you can expect in return every annum, and the years you will have to invest. 

The formula that is used to do the SIP calculation in mutual funds is as follows:

  • FV = P*({[1+i]n-1}/i)*(1+i)
  • FV indicates the future value
  • P indicates the SIP amount you invest every month or quarter
  • I – indicates the expected amount you get in return after a certain period
  • N- Total number of installments you have to pay during the investment period

It is best explained with an example to understand it clearly.  Say, for example, you want to invest 5000 rs every month, and the plan you choose will provide you with 12% returns after a tenure of 7 years. Then your investment is nine lacs, but your return will be around 24.9 lac. 

However, the key point about SIP is that the return you get will be consistent, but this depends on the market. As this is the return estimated by the calculator, your return will differ from what was calculated. 

Advantages of systematic investment plan calculators

The following are some of the advantages you can reap by using systematic investment plan calculators:

Get quick results

Your calculations with this calculator are straightforward and consume less time than those you do manually. With this calculator handy, you can get the results instantly. 

Learn how much amount to invest.

With the calculator, you can learn how much you must invest precisely to earn the corpus amount you expect. Different plans offer different returns, so you can choose the one that fits your needs and fulfills your financial needs. 

Do not have to pay a penny.

The tool is free, and you can use it whenever you want to do the SIP calculations.

Get personalized output

Not everyone will get the same output. It depends on the data you are inputting in the calculator.

No human errors

When you perform the calculations manually, there are high chances of getting prone to human errors. You can avoid such using the calculator. Also, you can save a lot of your valuable time by doing calculations in a jiffy using this tool. 

Plan your financial journey wisely.

With the illustrations you learn about returns, you can choose the best investment plan and get higher returns in the long run. It helps you reach your financial goals with ease. 

Manage risks

The SIP calculator will help you assess risks and make highly safe decisions when you can predict how much you get in return. 


SIP calculator is a boon for investors, especially the new ones, to calculate how much they get in return without the help of any financial expert. It is a tool that drives people towards economic growth. You can also set the financial goals and achieve them with ease. Undeniably, it is the best fintech tool that is changing the game of investors globally. So, without waiting any longer, use the SIP calculator to check how much you can get in return by investing the money you can every month. If it is convincing, then start your investment for a bright tomorrow.